Kundalini Rising

by Omotayo

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released April 3, 2012



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Stinkarelli Jacksonville, Florida

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Cry when im Born, Smile When I'm Gone
Life Is a Mystery Novel Death is Page One
All Things Are Beautiful, Its All nature
what is salvation to a savior
i walked down sevral paths of theologies
when all along the answers were inside of me
the Koran is my Diary, The Bible Is My Biography
every aspect of scripture acknowledge me
but you u gotta see you, as a hebrew
or a hindu, with ya skin blue
or a christan on a mission
to change the world we exist in
Condemning everything that aint like you
but the first principle, is we individual
oh how boring the world would be
if everyone was just like me
We all Got Diffent ways flowers bloom on differnt days
the soul is a bird locked in a cage,
Called existance, Every Child is a Mysitc
Cause Its all so simple only childern get it
the older we get the more we forget it
pork fried rice and some bbq rib tips

God is My Mom, She Kept Me warm before i was before born
she held me in here arms, i was made in her image
she cursed me and nursed, me helped me and hurt me
even though she made me she served me,
now thats praise worthy, ya'll cant see the magic, James Worthy
in the chaos i see harmony,
earthquakes and tsunamis aint alarming me
the rain of the hurricanes is calming
tornados feel like a gentle breeze
if you love me you'll set me free
if you love me you'll let me be
some only with you for what you do
if u stop doing it then yall aint cool
they talk about me say i lost my mind
but i looked inside and i found divine
they confuse morality with spirituality
all i gotta say is fuck....and they mad at me
Don't Say u Praying for me Cause I Know U frontin
put ya prayers where ya pocket is let me hold something
this is my revelation yours is different
pork fried rice and some bbq rib tips

I know You aint happy and you confused
between love and faith,i wouldn't make u choose
but eventualy u gonna have to pick a side
and i said i wasnt switching but i lied
i'm a walking contradiction, this i know
if i was the same as yesterday i didn't grow
u get the best fertilizer from bullshit
i will experience this life to the fullest
Flowers in my Garden, Trees In My Garden
fruits and vegstables and Weeds in My Garden
i dont need to believe in my garden
sunlight, water to grow seeds in my garden
i know my garden wont last forever
but every year i want my crops to get better
differnt seasons of the year bring differnt weather
me and my garden are 1....together
is yo garden a garden if it aint growin something
No fruit, No Function, what then?
we probably need to take a trip
pork fried rice and some bbq rib tips
Track Name: Kundalini Rising
Living In Now, Yesterdays a Memory, tomorrow isn't promised so i aint wasting enegry
captin of the SS. Destiny, My soul is on a higher plane, ya can have the rest of me
i know longer desire things, I exist in a state of bliss, Im the totality of all that is
Kundalini rising serpent sleeping with his eyes open,Can't see me Gotta feel me likea blind person
kammilion repilian, from illun, atom shifter, mind bender there is no spoon
accelerated particles, trap in a vacum, Black witch with a black cat riding a black broom
this the new salem, the new jersasalem, strange fruit gettin picked, im juicin them
mercuray retrograge,Meditate outsde in the summer solsice, storing solar rays
my pineal de-crystalized, My Alchemy Leave world renound Scientists Mystifyed
My Skin is a Super Conductor, Raise My Vibrations high enough to make the ozone rupture
this world is a dream, I aint gotta sleep, I aim air, I aint gotta breathe
Sight Beyond Sight I aint Gotta see, The Black Hole under the Universe is Me
Fire Burn inside of Me so im Never Cold
to inturpet my rhymes u needa rossetta stone
the secret of creation is locked in my genetic code
ill teleport to another galaxy you'll never Know
how u got here, If im Not Here
I Change the Rules in the Middle of the game im not fair
Im Dark, Comely, Brazzen, More degrees than a mason, blazzin
i created God and I created Satan, The Angels i Made them
im The anomoly in the the matrix,

No I Don't Go To church No Mo
I just Built an alter in my studio
Candles and crystals, water and inscence
Budda Consiousness, Leaving a Mental Imprint
Carbon Footprint,
6 proton 6 neutrons 6 electrions gettin my Set on
This World is My Projection, My Mind is a weapon
Mental projection got My Thoughts Manifestin
The Eye and The Cross, the Ankh and The Cresent
Underworld and Heaven, I Created The Essence
Not The Magazine, I'M The Essene, The Nazarine
You Looking For God Search My genes.
My slate is Clean, My Aura is Green
I'ma army Navy airforce MaRINE
Poet and a Teacher
Sower and a Reaper
Creator and a creature
I was Searching For Balance Now I Found My Center
Medatating Underground like Master Splinter
Floatin On a Lotus Bloosum
of the entire universe i am a microcasm
I be Dying Often,
I aint Playing Possom
You Think death is Awful
I Know That its awesome
Burn me an a Cauldron
Lay Me In A Coffin
Chop me Up Like Osiris
ill Come back Like Steve Austin